Cancel a Subscription

Nobody likes saying goodbye! We sincerely hope it's more of a "see you later," than a final "goodbye" - but there will come a time when you need to cancel a customer's subscription.

As long as you allow cancellations, a customer can also do this themselves from inside the 'Manage Subscription' area.

Cancelling a subscription effectively moves a customer to inactive status, and cancels all of their future recurring orders immediately. 




Navigate to the 'Customers' tab in the Recurring Orders app. 

Search for the subscriber by name, or even better - email address!


Once you've found their subscription, click on 'Edit'. 

Click on the small trash can underneath the 'Delete' column.

Up will come a warning pop up, and after reading the message, you can click on 'Delete' again.


Important To Know

1. Cancelling their subscription moves them to 'Inactive Subscriber' status, and you can always find them again later.

2. You can always reactivate their subscription later on at request, as long as it was not an automatically expiring subscription.

3. You can still view their order history and subscription information, after you've cancelled their subscription.

4. Cancelling a subscription does not affect any existing orders generated in Shopify. 


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