Place a Live Test Order with Bold Subscriptions


Placing a test order is recommended prior to going live with Bold Subscriptions on your storefront.

This will confirm that your payment gateway is properly connected and to show you what your customers will experience first-hand.

Note: Visit Create a Test Order with Bold Subscriptions to learn how to place a test order using our "dummy" gateway.

To place a test order with your live gateway, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Storefront.
  2. Select the product you have set up in Subscriptions.
  3. Select all necessary options.
  4. Select the Recurring Order option.
  5. Select Checkout.
  6. Ensure you are in our domain.

    check cart url

  7. Complete the Customer Information.
  8. Complete the Payment Information.

    Note: You must use a live payment gateway account and a valid credit card.  The transaction must be over 0.75 cents to be posted correctly.

  9. Select Checkout.
  10. From Shopify's admin, select Orders.
  11. Find the order to ensure it processed successfully.

    Find order

  12. Check the email used to place the order and ensure the confirmation email was received.
  13. Check your payment gateway to ensure the payment was processed.

    Note: Depending on your payment gateway you should be able to process a refund within 24 hours. Visit Refunding a Bold Subscriptions Order to learn how to process a refund.

  14. Log in to your Customer Account.
  15. Select Manage Subscription to test that area if you have enabled it.

    Note: If your checkout is not successful, an error message should display. Please contact our Merchant Success team if you need help.

    Manage Subscription

That's it!

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