Use Product Options as a Bundling App


Ever wanted to allow a customer to create a bundle and track inventory at the same time? To do this, you must have both Product Options and Product Discount installed and set up. Once you have both apps set up, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Discount with Product Discount.

    Note: This is where you will create the hidden products that will be added to your bundle. Apply a 100% discount on these products.

    Create a 100% discount

  2. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps

  3. Select Product Options by Bold.

    Select Product Options by Bold

  4. Select Options.


  5. Select Create Option Set.

    Create Option Set

  6. Enter an Option Set Name, this is only visible within Shopify.

    option set name

  7. Select Select Products.

    select products

  8. Select Add beside each of the products you would like to add to your bundle.

    Note: Make sure you select the $0 products you created in step 1. You can view this by selecting the down-arrow in the drop-down box next to the Add button.

    select add

  9. Select Continue with the selected products.

    select continue with selected products

  10. Select Create new option.

    Note: You can choose Pick from existing if you have already created options that can be used here.

    Create New Option 

  11. Enter a Name.

    Enter a Name

  12. Select a Type

    Select a Type

  13. Enter System Name.

    Entrer a System Name

  14. Enter Help Text.

    Enter Help Text

  15. Enter Values.

    Enter Values

    • Select Selected if you would like that value to be selected by default (optional).

      Select Selected

    • Select Adjust price if you would like that value to be a different price (optional).

      Select Adjust Price

    • Select Create a Charge or Use an existing variant in your shop (optional).

      Select Create a Charge

    • Enter a Dollar Amount ($) or select Select Variant and repeat steps 7 and 8 (optional).

      enter a dollar amount or select variant

    • Under "How do you want to handle quantities?", select a value (optional).

      Note: Visit What do the "How do you want to handle quantities" options mean? for a detailed explanation of these options.

      how do you want to handle quantities

  16. Repeat steps 9 - 13 until you have created all options in the option set.

    repeat steps 9-13

  17. Select Save.

    Select Save

  18. Select Save Option Set.

    Select Save Option Set

That's it!

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