Loyalty Points - Version 1.4.0 - Release Notes : Welcome Modal & Exclusions Update - January 13 - 2017

Take a look at what we've added to improve your current Loyalty Program :-D

(Image below is taken from our Loyalty Points Demo Store)

How to Setup a Welcome Modal

The steps are located under Settings > Welcome Modal.


In the app, you can change/add a title & a description to the modal.

*One small liquid update is required for the modal to work.*

Insert this line of code : 

{% include 'bold-loyalties-welcome-modal' %}

in Online Store > ... > Edit HTML/CSS > theme.liquid> before </body> tag.


Should look similar to this :-)


Frequency options?

Show the modal every session after:

Seconds Pageviews


The default is  "3", meaning, after 3 seconds the modal will pop up on the page they land on whether it is the Homepage, a product page, etc.

*Note* that in order to see it again, once dismissed, you will need to delete the cookie.

 All the text you see in the modal can be changed! As per usual :-)



After you've finished the setup, click    You can then click on    to see what the modal will look like.



You can now exclude multiple products in the Product Exclusions feature!

We've now added an option to use our product selector to choose which products you'd like to exclude from earning and/or redeeming.


Why exclude product(s)?

This strategy is most commonly used when a store is running a sale and you do not want customers to be able to redeem the product(s) that are on sale.

You may also have certain products that do not have a lot of quantity, and so to exclude those products from earning and/or redeeming may help.




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