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We want to help you become an eCommerce expert, so we'll be sharing our best practices and inviting our partners to do the same.

Join us for the Bold School of Commerce by attending one of our lessons scheduled below.

Each lesson will be held as a live webinar with a recording available online several days later. Live attendees will be able to ask questions about the content live.

Just select the link for the session(s) you want to attend to register.  It's that easy! 


Upcoming 2018 schedule 

Feb 1: Why you should be using your Shopify blog
Feb 15: Augmented Reality in eCommerce
March 1: Best podcasts of 2018 so far
March 15: The best books to read to become an eCommerce expert
March 29: 3 Facebook campaigns you can steal to make more $


Past webinars


Let Customers Shop Products Inside Your Videos! 

Almost everyone has seen something in a video and wanted to buy it, it's just never been possible... until now! This webinar shows how to tag products in your videos so customers can actually select them, and buy it! 

How Your Return Policy Can Actually Increase Sales!

91% of shoppers state they consider a store's return policy before making a purchase! (New York Times) This webinar covers everything you need to know about setting up a returns program on your Shopify store, and the tools you need to do it.   

How Tackle Boxes Became a Multi-Million Dollar Subscription Business

Want to grow your subscription business? Justin’s here to help! Watch our webinar as we pick his brain about Lucky Tackle Box: their business model, how they switched their store and subscribers over to Shopify, and even what boxes they subscribe to themselves.


The Easiest Way To Drive Repeat Purchases To Your Shopify Store

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could turn all of your emails into marketing opportunities? Well with Spently, you can! We'll talk with Vincent to find out what types of emails you should be focusing on, and how one store used Spently to make $185,000 just from email offers alone.  


CRO: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing your Shopify Store

Want to wow everyone the next time you join a conversation about CRO? Dylan's here to help! As Bold's resident CRO expert, he'll teach you conversion rate optimization strategies like split testing, heat mapping, and how they actually work.


How to beef up your social media strategy and get people to 'Like' you

Our resident social media guru Mike Trakalo will give you his best tips and tricks on setting up your social media strategy, how to get the most our of your time, and the best platforms to drive traffic to your store.


Unite wrap up: Shopify's biggest announcements and how they'll affect your bottom line

From a faster checkout experience to brand new Shopify POS hardware, the announcements coming out of Shopify Unite 2017 didn't disappoint.

banner9.jpg Your one-stop shop for social media ad buying

Confused by remarketing? Don't know what dynamic ads are? During this week's webinar, we'll dive deep into the world of social media advertising, starting with one of the most popular questions we received: when's the right time to transition from growing organically to looking at paid advertising.


How to double your mailing list in the next 30 days

Double your email list in 30 days?! It’s a Bold statement, we know (pun intended 😊), but we promise that even if you implement a few of these simple strategies, you'll see big results. 

banner11.jpg The 5 types of emails you NEED to be sending

Mike Trakalo joins us again this week as a follow up to our last webinar, How to double your mailing list in the next 30 days, and answers the age-old question: so you have an email list, now what?

  banner12.jpg  How to make your first online sale

This week we're interviewing two store owners live, diving into their experiences opening their stores, social media channels they're using, strategies they've found successful, and their best piece of advice for people who are thinking about opening their own Shopify store. 

a_july6.jpg  How to start using social media to boost online sales

We’re kicking off our ‘Summer of Social’ with a lesson on how to use social media to generate sales and awareness for your online store.


b_july20.jpg User-generated content strategies: How to build trust and make sales

Wouldn't it be awesome if your Instagram ran itself. Or you never had to worry about where your next Facebook post was coming from, and your engagement was sky high for every post?                                     

c_aug3.jpg How to use Instagram to build your brand and make money

We've dedicated this week's School of Commerce livestream to showing you step-by-step how to create a community on Instagram for your online store, curate a consistent look and feel, and how to leverage user-generated content to boost your sales.                                 

d_aug17.jpg Using Facebook to drive sales to your Shopify store

With the biggest user base of any other social media platform (2 BILLION monthly users!), you're throwing sales out the window if you're not advertising on Facebook. This week our social media expert Mike will take you step-by-step through creating a Facebook content strategy to drive sales to your Shopify store.              

e_aug31.jpg How to use ad retargeting to drive customers back to your Shopify store

Our Growth Marketing Specialist Paul Rajotte joins us this week to walk us through everything from pixels to Facebook audience segments, covering everything you need to know about ad retargeting and how to use it to direct traffic to your online store to boost your sales.

f_sept14.jpg How amazing customer service can drive sales and increase customer loyalty

Great customer service can earn you lifelong customers, less churn, and more sales. That combined with the fact that new customers are 7 times more expensive to get than retaining existing ones should have you moving your customer service strategy to the top of your priority list.

soc_lesson19__1_.jpg Using automation to grow your business with less work

It doesn't matter the size of your online store: if you're selling 5 handmade items or have 1,000+ products, this livestream will help you free up hours of your time every single week.

How? By using automation of course. 

soc_lesson20__1_.jpg  Start a drop shipping business by the end of the week

If you're curious about drop shipping, watch this video to hear two real store owners talk about setting up their drop shipping businesses, the best apps to use to make it as easy as possible, and how you can have your own store up and running in just a few days.

soc_lesson21__2_.jpg  How to choose a high-converting Shopify theme

Want a Shopify theme that looks good, but also has awesome conversion rates? Then listen in as Mike walks you through choosing a high-functioning Shopify theme for your online store.

soc_lesson22__1_.jpg  Why product photos are the most important part of your marketing strategy

If you're curious about how product photos can affect conversions, return rates, and the authenticity of your online store, watch this week's livestream to see Mike break down exactly why your product photos need to be moved to the top of your priority list! 

soc_lesson23__1_.jpg  How to strategically price your products

Too high and you'll scare your customers away, too low and your brand will lose value: so what's the secret formula to pricing your products?

 soc_2018_1__2_.jpg How to take awesome product photos

We'll go over the power of first impressions on your store and show you step-by-step how you can take high-quality product photos at home using things you can find at just about any store.

 soc_2018_2.jpg Product descriptions for dummies

Streaming live on Facebook and Crowdcast, this episode of School of Commerce will give you all the tools needed to write kick-ass product descriptions that not only help boost add-to-cart's by reducing unknowns, but creates a selling experience for your customers.