Use Custom Sales Icons

Product Discount allows you to utilize your own custom sales icons! Here's how to accomplish this:

  1. Create and upload the icon online.
    (Shopify gives the ability to upload files to your account. Click to read more).

  2. Go into the "Themes" section of your Shopify account 
    (Located on the left hand side of your admin account under "Online Store")

  3. Click on the edit icon of your published theme and select "Edit HTML/CSS"
  4. Find the file pathway of your uploaded custom icon, copy it, and then paste it in the image source. 
    This is found in the "shappify-sales-icon-product" and "shappify-sales-icon-collection.liquid" files in your theme's snippets folder.
{% if product.metafields.inventory.ShappifySale == "true" %} <img src="image-file-source.jpg (uploaded in step 1)"> {% endif %}

Want to use a custom text message?

Identical to the custom icon option, except replace the icon with text. In the below example, the text "Item Is On Sale!" will appear. Leave this message, or

{% if product.metafields.inventory.ShappifySale == "true" %} Item Is On Sale! {% endif %}
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