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Adjusting a subscriber's order frequency can be done within the "Manage Subscription" customer area. Sometimes your subscribers will request that you assist them with this. Changing this will affect how often their subscription orders generate, and how often they are charged. You can adjust their order frequency to daily, weekly, monthly or yearly intervals. This can sometimes be a two-step process, as their upcoming order date may need to be altered as well.

Open Bold Subscriptions and select Subscriptions, then Customers.

Select Subscriptions/Customers

Search for the customer by name or email, found along the right-hand side.

Enter Search Info

Once you find the customer, select Edit via the small pencil icon.

Select Edit

Among the available options, you will see the "Frequency" column and can view their current order frequency. Select a frequency to adjust it.

Order Frequency

Here you can choose a numerical value, and an interval option - from days, weeks, months or years. Once your selection is complete, select "OK". It will then confirm their next upcoming order date, and you can close the window.

Order Fequency Edit

Visit Adjust a Subscriber’s Order Frequency for detailed instructions.

Note: Changing a subscriber's order frequency does not affect their next upcoming order date. This means typically this is a two-step process.

It doesn't matter what order you do this in, but you'll most likely need to modify their next upcoming order date after you adjust their frequency. Visit Change Next Order Date for an Existing Subscriber to learn how to do this. If you only change their order frequency, their upcoming order date will remain unchanged and the customer may see a charge and an order produced unexpectedly.

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