Getting Started with Inviid

Enter your storefront password

Before you get started, make sure that you've entered your storefront password under 'Settings'. The app uses the password to retrieve data about your products and cart from Shopify, ensuring they're displayed properly.


Tag your first video

Once you're logged into your Shopify store, enter the app admin and click on 'Videos'. Follow the simple instructions that appear and you'll have created a shoppable video in just a few minutes! If you get stuck, click on the icon for help.


Where can I publish the videos I've created with Inviid?

Inviid videos can be republished anywhere that you have access to publish embeded code. Unfortunately, this means Inviid videos are not capable of being played back on most social media platforms, with an easy work-around of creating and sharing a link to your video on your site.


Can I embed Inviid videos on my website?

You can now embed your new shoppable video on your store, blog, or just about anywhere else by easily copying and pasting one line of code. The best part is that same video can be embedded on any other website, and each one will be shoppable, meaning all of them will be generating orders on your store!  Videos can also be viewed on all devices including browsers, phones and tablets with the only exception being iPhones where the flat video is displayed instead (we're currently working on an iOS app that will solve this issue).

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