Get Started Tagging Your Videos

Can tags be things other than the default product tag circle?

Our Inviid Shopify app customers can upload a custom square SVG file to represent the in-video tags they create. All other icons are standardized to ensure the icons provide useful information to viewers.


What if I want to change the content of my tags after I have published?

Any video can be edited at any time, even after you've posted or shared the link to your video. We actually suggest our users update and tweak video tags and placements after they've had a chance to review the stats and user engagement to increase their sales.


Can I tag anything else other than my products in my videos?

We just introduced a new Twitter feature! Shoppers trust customer created content over branded content, and with this newest release you can now show your customers what other people are saying about your products on Twitter right inside your videos. You can tag individual tweets, or even an entire feed, and it will only take you minutes to set up.

Log into Inviid from your Shopify admin panel. Under Videos, select the video you'd like to edit, clicking the + icon to add a tag. Select the Twitter option and paste in the link to the Twitter profile or tweet (right-click on the time and choose "copy link”) you'd like displayed, and you're ready to go.

If you have any integrations that you think would be useful please email your idea at


How do I create tags in my video?

You will only have the ability to create tags in your video if you are logged into your Shopify store. Once you are in the app admin, open the video in edit mode and you can easily start creating tags by clicking the + icon.


How do I tag a tweet in my video?

Follow the instructions above, starting by clicking the + icon. You can choose to draw the animated point or add it to the snap-to-border area. It will then ask you what kind of point you want to create (Shopify or Twitter). Once you select Twitter, either paste in the link to the tweet (right-click on the time and choose "copy link”) or the link to your Twitter profile page.


What are the different states of a tag?

There are currently two ways to tag your videos:

    1. Click and hold to set up static tags that stay in one static location throughout the video.
    2. You can click and drag to highlight a product as it moves through the video
    3. Snap to border, where you can hover on the side of a video and click within a blue slide-out box to have your products appear at the side of the video player (a great option for existing videos that may move too quickly to showcase your products as they appear).
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