Recurring Orders - Version 1.9.9 - Release Notes - January 30 - 2017

Recurring Orders Version 1.9.9 was launched on January 30, 2017. The changes are outlined here.

Recurring Orders and Product Options - Line Item Properties

What are line item properties? They're used to collect customization information for Shopify products, letting customers add information to a product when they add it to their cart.

Now you'll find line item properties integrated into Recurring Orders in a number of places - not just when the order produces in Shopify. For apps like Bold's Product Options, this makes offering customized products on subscription even easier.

You'll now be able to view line item properties from inside the app admin when viewing a customer's subscription, and customers will also be able to view them in the customer-facing "Manage Subscription" area.  

We've also developed our "Add to Existing Subscription" feature to be compatible with line properties - which customers can use in a unique fashion to add new customized products to their subscription or replace their current customized product with an up to date version.  

Visit Recurring Orders and Product Options - Line Item Properties for more information.

Weekly Fixed Order Intervals

You can now setup fixed weekly order intervals.

What does this mean? If you deliver products to your subscribers weekly, you now have control over what day of the week future orders fall. Want all of your orders to fall on Tuesdays? You got it.

Want to give customers a choice of Mondays or Wednesdays? You can do that too.

Go to the "Subscriptions" tab and select "Create New Subscription Group" to check it out in Step 2.

The subscriber's first order will still generate in Shopify immediately after their successful checkout, but their future orders will all be scheduled for that chosen day of the week.

Want to see how this looks on the front end? Check out our live demo store fixed weekly product.

Visit Fixed Weekly and Monthly Order Intervals for more information.

Shopify Admin - Added to the Customer History Log

Now you can tell who did what.

Any changes made to a subscription by a Shopify admin or the customer will now be recorded under the subscriber's history, and it will now indicate whether it was an admin or the customer who made the adjustment. Great for troubleshooting customer concerns and questions about their orders. We also ensured that all possible activity is now recorded.

How many days would you like to try a failed transaction?

You get to choose. Now when a subscriber's order fails you get to choose how many days you would like our app to attempt the transaction again. Choose any number between 3-15. This new setting is found in the app under Settings -> General. After the last attempt, the subscriptions will be automatically moved to an inactive status.

New Report for Upcoming Products

Need to know what products are inside your upcoming orders? This report will provide an easy breakdown of the Shopify products and variants you have scheduled for your upcoming orders. You can choose one of our preset options, or create your own custom range! Find this new report under our "Reports" tab.

New Prepaid & Gift Editing Options for the Shopify Admin

For stores that deal with a lot of prepaid and gift subscriptions, we've added some admin functionalities so you can make minor adjustments for unique situations.

It allows the Shopify admin to add additional length to a customer's existing prepaid subscription, and manipulate how many orders they have left.

When viewing a prepaid subscription you can select the "Edit" icon, which will bring up a new modal window. You can adjust (with arrows) how many orders have shipped, and the total length of their order.

Visit Prepaid and Gift Subscriptions to learn more.

Note: Use with caution. If you add additional orders to a prepaid subscription, and it is auto-renewing, this may increase the cost and length of their next prepaid renewal.

  • Store owners could previously experience order scheduling issues if they set up fixed monthly order dates on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month. Now for months that may not have that many days (February, for example), the recurring order will automatically be scheduled for the last day of that month when applicable.
  • We updated our Terms and Conditions inside of the application.
  • We will no longer remove a subscriber's failed order logs from the app when their subscription moves to inactive. You're still able to manually delete or archive the failed logs at any time.
  • We changed the wording of the "Delete" subscription button to say "Cancel" instead

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