Subscription Discounts and Dynamic Discounts in Bold Subscriptions


There are two different options when offering discounts on your subscription products with Bold Subscriptions. These options are under SubscriptionsMy Subscriptions in the navigation bar. You can choose to provide no discount at all or offer a general "Subscribe and Save" style percentage discount.

Select Subscriptions/My Subscriptions

Visit Dynamic Discounts Setup and Subscription Discounts Setup for detailed setup instructions.

It is your typical "Subscribe and Save" style discount; it offers a percent discount for subscribing rather than opting for a one-time purchase. It is a great incentive to encourage customers to subscribe.

This option is found in "Step 4: Offer a Discount" when editing or creating a Subscription Group.

Create Subscription Group

Edit Subscription

Subscription Discounts

This discount option is only compatible with stores operating in Single Product or Multiple Products mode. You can view your current cart style in Subscriptions > Cart Mode.

Cart Style

It will discount the listed Shopify product price for any product in the subscription group.

For Example: If the product is $100, and you offer a 10% discount on all the goods in this subscription group, the customer will see they can subscribe to the product and get it for $90 instead of $100.

Subscription Discount Example

The discount will be shown in the Shopify cart and the Bold Subscriptions checkout.

This type of product discount will apply to the customer's first subscription order and all future orders containing that product. As long as they continue to subscribe, they will receive the product at that discounted price.

Visit Subscription Discounts Setup for detailed setup instructions.

With Subscriptions, you can offer a percentage discount on initial orders, which automatically switches to a different discount on future subscription orders.

There are many different scenarios where this discount style can be used to offer unique promotions. For stores looking to reduce churn, you can use this feature to provide a larger discount after a specific number of orders has passed.

Visit Dynamic Discounts Setup for detailed setup instructions.

This style of discount is also only supported in Multiple Products or Single Product cart mode. Recurring Cart mode only supports offering the same discount on all subscription orders.

Cart Style

Where can I find this?

It is found during "Step 4: Offer a Discount" when editing or creating a subscription group, at the very bottom of the subscription setup page. 

Create Subscription Group

EditSubscription.png Edit

How can I use this?

Here are some ideas for how you might like to use this feature:

Free Trial to Subscription Models

Want to offer a free trial on your subscription product? Set the initial discount to 100% off, and switch the Subscription Discount to a lower percentage after the first order. The customer will only be required to pay the shipping on the first order (The discount only applies to the product, not the shipping rate).

Free Trial to Subscription Models

Reduce Churn and Reward Loyal Subscribers

Offer a lower discount on initial orders, and a larger discount after a specific number of orders have passed. With this option, you are rewarding customers for subscribing longer, and also reducing cancellations.

Reduce Churn and Reward Loyal Subscribers

Promotional Offers

Just launching your subscription business or promoting a sale on your subscriptions? Offer a sale price on the initial order with all subscription orders at the regular price. Your customers will get the sale price on their first order, and the regular price will automatically be put in place after that. It's way easier than using discount codes.

Promotional Offers

How does this look on the Shopify product page?

The initial and subscription discounts will be shown on the product page subscription widget, making it clear how much the product will cost on the original order and subscription orders once the subscription discount comes into play.

Dynamic Discounts Customer View

  • When a customer checks out with a subscription product that has an initial and subscription discount option attached, it creates a single subscription just for that product.
  • If they have other regular subscription product(s) in their cart during checkout (in Multiple Product cart mode), those products will be created as an additional subscription. You would most likely see a "2" beside their customer information in the app.
  • The customer will not be able to adjust product quantity, add new products to their existing subscription, or swap for another product for the particular subscription containing the initial and subscription discount. The options will be hidden from the "Manage" drop-down menu.
  • Once the automated transformation is complete, they will be able to make those changes again freely.
  • They'll still be able to edit and update their other subscriptions if applicable.

Updates are Pending

Using initial and subscription discounts on your products requires the app to do some automated actions internally. It by default restricts certain functionality when editing the customer's subscription.

You will see a small alert icon, which explains that "an automatic update is pending on this subscription. Until the update happens products and prices for future orders may be inaccurate."

Order Alert

Certain functions will be disabled by default, like Product Swap, Add Products, changing the subscription product price, and changing the product quantity.

Need to edit the product or price anyway? You can do that, but it requires removing the automated actions. The initial and subscription discount functionality will be deleted, and the product price will default to the current price. You can then adjust the product, quantity, or price, but no automatic transformation will happen once you remove it, and it cannot be put back in place once removed.

Select the alert box and manually remove the transformation from the "Automatic Updates" pop up.

Remove Selected Transformations

Visit Edit Discounted Products in a Dynamic Subscription for detailed setup instructions.

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