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The Xero Integration app allows merchants to export paid orders from Shopify to Xero, including Shopify Payments fees. Merchants don't need to keep the admin or app open while an export is running. It will complete the export anyway. There is no undo function for the Xero Integration. If a merchant has made an error during setup and exported to the wrong account, they need to contact Xero's Support for assistance with reconciling their accounts.

Orders for a specific date range can be exported any time. Merchants can also set up automatic exports and daily exports. Once an order is exported, it cannot be re-exported to prevent duplicate entries. When invoices are created in Xero, we use the same Shopify order number in both the Xero invoice number and as the Ref. Once exported from Shopify you may edit invoices in Xero just like any other invoice you have created in Xero. With that said, the app will not export test orders.

When a merchant selects a date range to export, the app will get orders that had activity during that range as well as any Shopify Payments payouts from that range. For example, if an export was only for August 9th, and the payout for an order occurred August 12th, the app will not export the payout related to that order. If an export is made that includes August 12th in the date range, we'll export that payout for the merchant.

Shopify products will be matched to existing products in Xero by SKU or product and variant title. We will always try and match SKU first, and will only use product title if no SKU is available

Xero's API limits shops to 5000 requests a day. If shops are exporting a very large number of orders, it is possible they may approach their limit, at which point they would be notified by a message in the admin. Shops that reach their limit can re-export the same date range the following day to consolidate the missing orders from the previous attempt.

Order Export Limit Reached

Export errors

If an export fails, the app will show a report with the error details.

Export Errors

In the above example selecting "tax settings" will bring the merchant to the settings they need to configure to address the errors. After the errors are addressed, the merchant can export the affected orders.

This error is Xero specific, saying that the user has enabled inventory tracking in Xero and their quantity on hand in Xero is 0. If they want to be able to export an order referencing one of these items, they will need to increase their quantity on hand in Xero.

Refunds in Shopify will create a credit note in Xero for the amount of the refund when the order is exported.

Our Xero Integration app exports contact/customer info for associated orders, but without orders, the app won’t create anything in Xero.

Inventory tracking items in Xero that come in from Shopify will be removed from the stock count. At this point, the app is unable to match any existing tracked items. Merchants will have to enable inventory tracking on the item after you have exported it the first time from Shopify. We are looking to improve support for product matching in the future.

The payment account is used for all payments received for orders on your Shopify store. For this option, you can either choose an existing account that makes sense for you or you can create an account specifically for payments from Shopify orders.

We don't allow the option to send payments to a different account based on payment type at this point. However, this is a feature we are considering for a future release.

You can only sync with one Xero Sales/Revenue account. Currently, you can not split it up to track different product lines with their Sales/Revenue account.

A potential workaround for handling multiple payment accounts is to create a new clearing account. From there you could then reconcile to the appropriate account using the create option. Xero support can assist with this workaround.

You can only select one Deposit account. It is not currently possible to sync to a different Xero account based on payment type or gateway.

Only one Shopify store can be connected to Xero at a time. To connect multiple stores, we need to reconnect each store before exporting orders.

Currently, products cannot be imported from Xero.

This app is available for merchants worldwide.

Any questions related to how to set up or use Xero are best handled by Xero's support team, including questions relating to which accounts to select during the on-boarding process within the app, and which plan to select.

Their support resources are available here: Xero Support.

Xero's support email is:

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