Setup Xero Integration

Bold's Xero Integration app allows merchants to export paid orders from Shopify to Xero, including Shopify Payments fees.

Only one Shopify store can be connected to Xero at a time. To connect multiple stores, we need to reconnect each store before exporting orders.

Any questions related to how to set up or use Xero accounting software are best handled by Xero's support team.



Exporting Orders

Orders for a specific date range can be exported at any time. When an order has been exported once, it cannot be re-exported again to avoid duplicate entries.

Once exported from Shopify, you may edit invoices within Xero just like any other invoice you've created in Xero. The app, however, will not export test orders.

When a date range is selected for export, Bold's Xero Integration will export orders that have had activity during the chosen range as well as any Shopify Payment payouts from that range.


If an export was for August 9th, and the payout occurred August 12th, the app will not export the payout related to that order. If an export is made that includes August 12th in the date range, we'll export that payout for the merchant.

Shopify products will be matched to existing products in Xero by SKU or product and variant title. Bold's Xero Integration will always try to match the SKU first, and will only use product title and variant if no SKU is available.



Inventory Tracking

Bold's Xero Integration offers inventory tracking support during export. This must be manually enabled after a product has been exported from Shopify to Xero for the first time.

Whenever an export occurs, inventory will be adjusted accordingly within Xero per the quantity of items inside of the exported orders.



Payment Account Setup

The payment account is used for all payments you receive and must be a Sales/Revenue account type. You have the choice to either select an existing account or create a new account.

It is not currently possible to sort your order payments to a different account based on the payment type.

If you currently have several payment accounts, it is recommended creating a new Clearing account for your reconciliation purposes.

If you are unsure on how to create these types of accounts or have any additional questions about these accounts, you may reach out to Xero's support team below.



Deposit Account Setup

You can only select one Deposit account.

It is not currently possible to sync to a different Xero account based on payment type or gateway.

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