Recurring Orders - Version 2.0 - Release Notes - March 15 - 2017

New Features 

We now offer Convertible Subscriptions!

The use of this feature requires a liquid update for existing Recurring Orders clients. Take a look at this article for more information on how to set this up.  

Convertible subscriptions allows you to offer an upsell subscription when a customer is purchasing a product from your store, or automatically swap products between a customer's first and second order. 

For example: When selling a coffee maker, offer a subscription on coffee filters, or if buying a printer, offer a subscription on ink. 

This new feature even integrates with our 'initial and recurring discount' feature we came out with in February! This means that you can offer a discount on the subscription product of a full price item to entice them to subscribe (like the air purifier below). Or even offer the initial item free with no future discounts (great when offering a free trial size product with a subscription to the full size item).

Preview Convertible Subscription in action!



We added new tracking options for Facebook Pixel

You can find these new integration options under Settings > Integration > Facebook Tracking. Just insert your Facebook Pixel ID - and you're good to go!


Checkout 'Terms and Conditions'

You can now enable a Terms and Conditions element to our Recurring Orders checkout. Just insert the link to your store's Terms and Conditions page, and customer's won't be able to checkout without agreeing to them. Click here to learn more about this feature!



Order Count

When viewing a recurring order in Shopify you can now easily see what the subscription order count is! Want to know if it's a customers first order, tenth order, or fiftieth order? You can now easily find out when looking at the Shopify order. You can choose to enable this feature under Settings > General.


Reward your loyal subscribers who've stuck around - or throw in a pamphlet on their first order!


Improvements & Bug Fixes

  • Customers were unable to update Shopify shipping rates that contained an apostrophe. This bug has been fixed.

  • Accessing our Recurring Orders checkout on a mobile browser allowed the entering of spaces, but would produce an invalid error if they tried to process with spaces between the numerical characters. Mobile access of our checkout will now no longer allow you to type in a space.
  • Due to different time zones - some merchants were not able to create a discount code and use it instantly. You can now create a discount code that is applicable immediately. 


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