Configure Xero Integration Settings

Once you have installed our Xero Integration in your Shopify store, the Xero app settings will display. From here you can associate the accounts in your Xero organization with your store's transactions.

Xero Accounts
Product sales account An income account that records completed orders.
PayPal deposits An asset account that records payments received for all sales in Shopify. The name of this account as it appears in Shopify reflects your settings in Xero at the time of your last export.
Gift cards A liability account that records purchased gift cards. When gift cards are redeemed, the corresponding liability is subtracted from this account. This account does not track gift cards that were issued manually. Learn more about how to issue gift cards.
Payment deposits An account that records payments for shipping charged on an order.

You can view a complete list of your accounts on the Chart of Accounts page in your Xero dashboard.

To configure your Xero Integration settings, please follow these steps:

  1. Under "Xero Accounts", select the accounts you want to associate with each category.

    select the associated accounts

  2. Add the Payout Settings.

    add the payout settings

  3. Select your preferred Customer export settings.

    select your customer export settings

  4. Select your preferred Export Settings.

    Note: If you notice that an order is missing from an automatic export, then you can add it by creating a new export with a date range that includes the date of the missing order.

    select your export settings

  5. Select Complete setup.

    select complete setup

That's it!

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