View Sales Data in Xero

After you export orders from your Shopify admin, you can view them on the "Sales" page in your Xero dashboard.

To view your exported orders, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Xero account.
  2. From your Xero dashboard, select Accounts.

    select accounts

  3. Select Sales.

    Note: The sales page shows an overview of your store's invoices and order quotes. Changes to orders that you've already uploaded (such as refunds or cancellations) appear as separate entries in your Xero dashboard.

    select sales

  4. In the "Invoices" section, select See all.

    Note: This list includes paid orders, unpaid orders, refunds, and other transactions.

    select see all

  5. If you want to view a transaction in detail, select its invoice number in the Number column.

    Note: The "Quantity" column on the invoice reflects the number of items that were included in the customer's order, but it does not necessarily reflect changes in your inventory levels in your Shopify admin.

    number column

  6. While viewing an invoice, you can email, print, duplicate, or edit it.

    Example Invoice

That's it! The "History & Notes" section shows any notes attached to the invoice as well as any actions that have been taken on it. The payments associated with each order are recorded in the accounts that appear on the "Chart of Accounts" page in your Xero dashboard.

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