Create Terms and Conditions for the Checkout

If you need your subscribers to agree to your store's 'Terms and Conditions' policy, you can enforce that during the Recurring Orders checkout process. The subscriber won't be able to place their order without agreeing to your 'Terms and Conditions'.


How do I set this up?

This feature is turned off by default, and can be enabled under Settings > General.


Simply insert the URL of your 'Terms and Conditions' policy, and customers will be able to click and review the policy prior to checking out.


How does this display?

The checkbox will display after the customer has typed in their shipping address and proceeded to the billing information step.



If they do not accept and try to place their order, they will see a red warning message display. 


You can adjust the text used for this feature in the Settings > Language area of Recurring Order, just under the 'Wording for the Checkout' section. 




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