Facebook Pixel Integration

Adding Facebook Pixel to your Recurring Orders checkout

Integrating your Facebook Pixel into our Recurring Orders checkout doesn't require any knowledge of coding, you simply have to enter in your Facebook Pixel ID!

We will automatically track three different events in our Recurring Orders checkout for you, making it easy for you to collect important data from your subscribers. 


Integrate Facebook Pixel in your preferences

1. From the admin of the Recurring Orders app, navigate to Settings > IntegrationsThere will be a specific 'Facebook Tracking' section to select. 



2. Enter in your pixel ID in the provided space.


3. Click Save.


Events that we track

Standard events track actions your customers do while visiting your store. They allow you to collect data on how your customers interact with your store. If you use our integration then Facebook Pixel will automatically track four popular events in our Recurring Orders checkout.

It is not possible to customize which standard events our integration tracks. If you want to track additional events, then you will have to add your own Facebook Pixel tracking code in our 'Advanced Tracking Scripts' section.

Here are the four events we track


- On loading of our checkout page


- After the continue button has been pressed when the shipping information is entered. The value and currency is passed.

CompleteRegistration & Purchase

- After the purchase has gone through successfully, this is fired on the thank you page. The value and currency is passed.

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