Build a Box Subscription Feature in Bold Subscriptions


Bold Subscriptions offers a "Build a Box subscription" feature that allows customers to pick and choose what they want to receive on every order. With this feature, merchants can offer a selection of items at a set price.

Visit Introducing "Build-a-Box" for Bold Subscriptions to learn more about it.

This feature allows you to set how many products make up the subscription box, and what the set price for the box is. With this feature, you can offer custom meal plans, a dynamic subscription box, or a unique bundle of items. You can even offer multiple subscription box sizes.

Note: This feature is only available on the Advanced plan tier.

Visit Build a Box Subscription Feature Setup for detailed setup instructions or continue reading to learn all there is to know about this feature.

This feature is only available for stores operating in "Single Product" or "Multiple Products" mode. It is not compatible with "Recurring Cart" mode. To find out what mode you're currently operating in, select Settings > Cart Mode in the app admin. This feature is designed for new subscriptions only and is not compatible with existing, prepaid subscriptions.

Recurring Cart Style

The feature also requires the use of a Shopify product page; this is where the initial step in the purchase process begins.

This feature requires the use of two sets of products:

  1. A Shopify product (or variant) that is the box itself, this is where the purchase process initiates. (the listed price of the box is the recurring fee the customer will pay).
  2. A selection of Shopify products that make up the contents of the box (the price of these products doesn't matter, we use the product title, description, and imagery).

When the customer visits the product page for the box, they will see a button that says "Select Choices", which replaces the default "Add to Cart" button.

Product Page Plain

When they select this option, they will be taken, through a proxy page, to a new page consistent with your existing Shopify theme.

Meal Selection

The customer will be able to build their box from the available product options, selecting any quantity of the available products until they have 0 selections remaining. 


  • This area will show one image per product.
  • Select "Details" to view a text-based product description.
  • Use the same image dimensions for this page, so every image is the same size. It will make the page look aligned, with the - and + buttons all in a line.
  • This area uses the default product image in Shopify.

On this page, your customers will view the selection of products available to them, and can choose any of them. The quantity required will be in the top right-hand corner of the page, so they know when they have filled their box.

When they proceed with their chosen selection of products they will be brought to the Bold Subscriptions checkout to process their subscription order. The only product that will be in their order is the box itself. We charge shipping and taxes for the box product only.

An order will automatically generate in Shopify showing the box as the product, but also listing all the items they selected. The products they choose are $0; the charge is for the cost of the box product itself.

Order Summary

Now that the customer is a subscriber, they can log in and access the "Manage Subscription" page to adjust their product selection for future orders. Any time they want to make a new choice for an upcoming order, they will be brought to the proxy page to update their selection.

Manage Subscriptions Page Final

Using our "Product Label Assignments" feature, you can offer a new selection of products for upcoming orders, and even swap in a new product if you no longer offer a product that's in their box. It is great for rotating meal plans, and stores that want to offer a different array of products week by week, or month by month.

Build a Box Settings

Lock Time

  • Lock Time: Enable a lock time if you'd like to stop customers from changing their selections too close to the order date. You can do this for days, hours, or both.

    Note: at this time, subscription orders generate on a daily batch system between 4:00 - 6:00 AM Central Standard Time. We do not currently offer support for other time zones, so you will need to adjust your day and hour values accordingly.

  • Lock after making new choices: Enable this if you'd like customers to make changes only once per subscription order. This setting may not apply to specific styles.
  • Lock edits to orders: This setting restricts subscribers from making order selections too far in advance. It is excellent if you prepare your product selection for a few future orders only.

    Example: You only prepare your meal plan menu three weeks in advance. To prevent customers from creating their meal plans too far ahead of time, it would be best in this situation to put in a day value of 14 - 21 days.

Creating Product Labels

Product labels are vital to organizing and managing your product selections. Product labels allow you to rotate in a new range of products, or swap in a new product to replace a previous option.

Product Labels

Things to Remember

  • You need a product label for every individual product you want to offer in your selection.
  • Each product label you create will only apply to a single product.
  • The number of labels you create should match the number of products available for a customer to select.
  • You can always edit the name of a product label.
  • You can always add more product labels later to expand your selection.

Creating product labels will be different for each merchant depending on the product you're selling and the style you have in mind.

Product Label Naming Examples

Example 1: If you're offering a wine "Build a Box" plan, with seven wines to choose from each month:

wine plan

Example 2: If you're offering a meal "Build a Box" plan, with seven choices to choose from each week:

Meal plan

Configuring Your Box Sizes

Configuring your box sizes is a two-step process. Create the placeholder product for your box sizes in Shopify before configuring them in the application.

If you have not created your Shopify products yet, make sure to select the link that says "Add product in your Shopify admin (opens in a new tab)". It will bring you to the products section in your Shopify admin.

Box sizes

You must make a product in Shopify that is the box. It is the product your customers will purchase to enroll in your "Build a Box" subscription. The price of this product should be the cost of the box for every subscription order. There is no option to offer a "subscribe and save" discount with this feature, so the Shopify listed price is what the customer will pay (although they can apply discount codes). You can do this both on the Shopify product level or at the variant level. Visit Shopify variants to learn more.

What you choose depends on how you want to present the product to your customer. Do you want each box size to a be an entirely different Shopify product? Or do you want one single product that has multiple variants for the size options you offer?

This image is an example of how you might configure multiple box sizes on a product level.  In this example, there are three separate Shopify products for each box size. Once you create the products you can create three different box sizes in Bold Subscriptions:

Product Level Final

This image is an example of how you might configure box sizes on the variant level, using one product. In this example, a subscriber would view the product page to subscribe.  They would then choose a box size by choosing one of the three variants (undersize), within this product:

Variant Level Final

Product Label Assignments

The product label assignments are where your product labels come into play:

  • Revisit this section in the setup process any time you need to schedule a new menu, offer a new product selection, schedule your upcoming menus, etc.
  • Set up at least one scheduled assignment to launch this feature.
  • Assign one of your Shopify products (or a single variant) to each of the labels you set up earlier. When a customer selects this product in their subscription box, they're technically also subscribing to the label.

If you want to change the assignments in the future, everyone that subscribes to the label you make a change for will automatically get the new product.


You offer a weekly subscription order for your "Build a Box" with the product label of "Chicken", and you offer "Honey Chicken" as a selection this week. Next week when your menu changes to "Spicy Chicken" all customers who picked the "Honey Chicken" in week one will get the "Spicy Chicken" in week two.

Your customers can change their selections on the "Manage Subscription" page. If you know when you'll be offering a new product selection, you can schedule changes to your assignments. Primarily, this tool can be used to pre-schedule your menu/selection changes.

Product Label Assignment

Creating Future Product Label Assignments

This tool is used to offer a new selection of products for your subscribers to choose.

The date you select is the date the new assignment will replace the previous one.

Product Label Assignment

If a customer's subscription order date falls within a scheduled product label assignment, those products will be the only ones they see.

Product labels are pertinent here; they dictate what replacement product a customer will get if they do not log in and make their product selection independently.

A customer can log in and adjust their selections to any combination of items from your offered products, but if they don't make a choice, your product labels dictate what they will receive by default.

It makes it easy to discontinue an item if you no longer offer it, or swap your "menu" on a regular basis. You still allow the ability to opt out of one option and replace it with another, but it doesn't delay the subscription because the customer may have gotten busy or forgotten to log in that week.

Important Tip: It's important to align your scheduled assignments with your "Lock edits to orders" setting. For example: If you only prepare your "menu" three weeks in advance in the app, you should lock your customers out from making product selections more than 21 days ahead. You wouldn't want subscribers to begin making product selections to orders that are four weeks ahead if you haven't released the menu yet. It prevents customers from having to redo their product selections. You can change that setting any time if you happen to prepare your menu/selections further in advance at some point.

Manage Subscription Page

The "Build A Box Subscription" feature will adjust the options the subscriber sees when visiting the "Manage Subscription" page.

If the main focal point of your Shopify store is this feature, we highly recommend adding a link to the "Manage Subscription" page in your main Shopify navigation. Visit Manage Subscription Page Link Setup for detailed instruction on how to do this.

A customer will be able to pick their product selections on individual orders, edit and view their existing options. Selecting any of these three options will bring them to your unique proxy page where a customer can see and choose their products.

In the "Pick your selections" column you can view which orders are selected, which are available and which you can't pick yet.  Your lock settings control it.


  • This feature is subscription only.
  • This feature is not compatible with prepaid subscription options.
  • This feature is not compatible with line item properties like Product Options uses.
  • This feature operates best when you have less than 50 product labels. More than 50 product labels are possible but may result in slower loading time. 
  • A customer can only subscribe to one "Build a Box" per checkout, as you cannot add this subscription type to the Shopify cart. They will be brought from the product page to the selection page before reaching the subscription checkout. They can only check out with one "Build a Box" product. 
  • This feature is not compatible with the "Product Swap" feature.
  • This feature is only compatible with discount codes, not subscription group discount options.
  • This feature is not compatible with the "Add to Existing Subscription" feature.
  • The customer is not able to increase their product quantity. They must subscribe to a second "Build a Box" (requiring a second checkout process).
  • If a customer wants to swap to another "Build a Box" or another size, they must cancel and resubscribe.
  • There is no way to import or transition existing subscribers into a "Build A Box"; they will be required to resubscribe.
  • Bold Subscriptions does support "out of stock" products on the "select choices" page, but has limited support for inventory tracking when a product is low in stock. 
  • At this time, we don't support variant images and variant selectors. The product label of each variant of a product will count toward the maximum of 50 product labels this feature supports. We will be adding support for variant-specific images very soon. 

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