Add to Existing Subscription Feature in Bold Subscriptions


Bold Subscriptions allows existing active subscribers to add new subscription products to their existing subscription. By default, the "Add to Existing Subscription" button will display on any Shopify product page that is currently inside of a standard-type subscription group. For the button to display the customer must be logged into their Shopify account.

To set this feature up for your customer please refer to these articles:

  1. From the "Shopify storefront", select Log in.
  2. Enter Email.
  3. Enter Password.
  4. Select Sign In.
  5. From a subscription-based product page, select Add to existing subscription.

    Add to existing subscription

  6. Confirm subscription information:
    • If there is only one subscription tied to the account review the current subscription information.
    • If there are multiple subscriptions tied to the account, select which subscription you would like to add this product to.

    Confirm subscription information

  7. Confirm new shipping rate if required.
  8. Select Add.

That's it!

  • If a customer chooses to add a new subscription product to their existing subscription, the product will absorb the existing order frequency. If the customer requires a different order frequency, they will need to process this as a new, separate subscription.
  • This feature is not compatible with "Convertible Subscriptions", "Dynamic Discounting", prepaid subscriptions, or Build a Box subscription types. Any product that is inside of a subscription group utilizing either of these features will not have the "Add to Subscription" button. The customer would have to check out separately with those subscription products.

Some Shopify themes can interact poorly with modal popups, but these issues can always be fixed. If you're having an issue with this feature, please contact our Merchant Success team.

To fully troubleshoot this feature, please provide our support team with a Shopify account and password that has an active subscription tied to it. You may need to Place a Test Order with Bold Subscriptions to provide us with this information.

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