Recurring Orders - Version 2.1 - Release Notes - April 20 - 2017

Recurring Orders Version 2.1 was launched on April 20, 2017. The changes are outlined here.

You'll notice a new user interface when logging into the Recurring Orders admin. We've introduced a cleaner design with a more minimalist color scheme. The main navigation bar will now stay present regardless of where you are on the page for easier multi-tasking. Many of the settings pages have been consolidated for simpler navigation. This redesign will impact the admin area of Recurring Orders only.

Here are a few screenshots of the new interface:

User Interface 1

User Interface 2

Adjust the frequency of "Deny Emails".

If you navigate to Settings -> Emails, you'll see a new option to decrease or increase the frequency of our deny email collections.

For store owners who find one email per day sent to the subscriber for a failing transaction to be too much, decreasing the frequency to every 3 tries will definitely improve the customer experience.

This number can be adjusted between every 1 to 5 attempts. For example, if you set this frequency to 3 and a customer's subscription is failing, they will only get an email every 3 days.

Deny Emails

Prepaid subscriber management options

This new setting is found under Settings -> General in the Recurring Orders app admin. This is an optional feature that can be toggled on and off by the store owner. By default, it will be turned off.

Reneew Prepaid Subscription

When you are configuring a prepaid subscription option in your Subscription Group settings, you are asked whether you'd like the prepaid subscriptions to auto-renew at the end or expire automatically. This is a global setting and affects all prepaid subscribers subscribed to that product. As an admin, we've always allowed you to adjust this for individual subscribers from inside the app admin.

But now prepaid subscribers are able to adjust their own prepaid subscription renewal setting from inside the "Manage Subscription" page.

This new option will show up under the main "Manage" menu.

Prepaid Settings

Not only will they be able to view their prepaid order status (how many orders they have paid for in total, and how many they have received) - they'll be able to enable or disable their renewal.

Prepaid Settings Popup

  • The prepaid information that is summarized in the Recurring Orders checkout has now been better formatted with improved spacing.

    Order Summary Formatting 

  • Images automatically inserted in some of our automatic emails containing the [order_table] merge field were having sizing issues, which has now been fixed across many popular email clients.
  • There was an issue where some initial orders containing both one-time and recurring products at different frequencies were not combining properly into single or multiple subscriptions, which has now been fixed.

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