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Product Options provides you with the ability to offer more dynamic versions of your products with different option selections. You can display color swatches, offer multiple option selections, and allow customers to personalize their products by attaching naming information to their items.

Note: Options does require a Liquid code installation to function correctly on your site. If you are not comfortable with Liquid coding, please visit Request a Product Options Installation.

Not sure how to get started with Options? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

Product Options requires a Liquid code installation in order to function properly on your store. Please view our installation instructions and complete the installation if you feel comfortable working with code.

Otherwise, request a Product Options code installation from one of our expert installers, and we'll get everything ready for you!

After you've installed Product Options, you'll want to set up options and relationships.

Options are the choices that customers can make to customize the products they want to purchase on your store. The relationships link the options to the product, making them available on the product(s) that you choose.

Products on your store should only be linked to one option set at a time.

For more information on options, visit our Product Options Functionality FAQ.

You can adjust the way that your options will display, such as additional text, font size, backgrounds, and color.

Visit Customize the Display in Product Options for more information. 

Product Options offers two different price plans for you to choose from, depending on the features you'd like your app to have.

You can choose to have extra option types, conditional logic, and more with the premium version of Options.

For more information on the difference between Product Options basic and premium, visit our FAQ. Once you're ready to switch your plan, visit Change Your Price Plan in Product Options

Product Options premium allows you to add additional charges to your product options. You can add charges to one or multiple of your options, and as many as you'd like per product.

If you're using the premium version of Options, visit Create Priced Options with Product Options to learn how to add priced options to your products.

Using Product Options premium, you can create conditional logic. This is a set of rules that you set to either show or hide additional options once a customer makes their initial selection.

For more information on conditional logic, visit Create Conditional Logic with Product Options.

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