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Pro Tip

To refund an order in Bold Cashier, find the order in Shopify's admin. Under "More Actions", select Refund - Cashier.

Once you have all the settings in Bold Cashier and have it enabled on your storefront, you should place a test order to ensure everything has been set up properly. Testing can be done on a Backup Theme, before enabling Cashier on a live theme.

Note: Visit Enable Development Mode in Cashier to process this order through a test payment gateway. If the app is not in development mode, you will be charged for the order using real funds.

To place a test order, follow these steps:

  1. From the storefront, add one or more products to your cart.

    add a product to the cart

  2. Select Check Out.

    Note: This is the point where you are transferred to Cashier.

    Select checkout

  3. Ensure the URL in the address bar now begins with

    check the url

  4. Enter your Customer Information or Log in.

    enter customer info

  5. Select Continue to shipping method.

    select continue to shipping

  6. Select a Shipping Method.

    select a shipping method

  7. Select Continue to payment method.

    select continue to payment method

  8. Select a Payment Method.

    select a payment method

  9. Enter your Payment Information.

    Note: Visit Test Payment Cards with Cashier for more information on the card numbers to use when testing.

    enter your payment information

  10. Select Complete order.

    select complete order

  11. From Shopify's admin, select Apps after receiving the "Order Confirmation Email".

    select apps

  12. Select Bold Cashier.

    select cashier

  13. Select Orders, then All Orders.

    Orders/All Orders

  14. Ensure the order appears there.

    ensure the order appears there

  15. Ensure the payment processes successfully.

    ensure the payment processes successfully

  16. Check to ensure the order is processed in Shopify.

    You can tell the order is from Cashier by the sales channel from Bold Cashier (via import)


It is best to try different scenarios when testing (i.e. gift cards, discount codes, credit cards, logged in, logged out, etc.) to ensure everything is set up properly.

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