Get Started with Cashier

Not sure how to get started with Cashier? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you on your way:

  1. Install Cashier - Cashier Install Instructions.
  2. Set up Cashier.
  3. Set up a Payment Gateway in Cashier.
  4. Add Shipping Zones in Cashier.
  5. Set up Tax Settings in Cashier.
  6. View and Resolve Notifications in Cashier.
  7. Use Customer Accounts with Cashier (optional).
  8. Add Tracking Scripts in Cashier (optional).
  9. Enable Cashier.
  10. Place a Test Order with Cashier (optional).

Cashier is a Shopify app that offers your customers stored accounts with saved credit cards, checkout in multi-currency, upsell after checkout, timed payments, pre-orders, tweet for discount, and much more.