Product Options - Version 2.0 - Release Notes

  • Liquidless install (for themes without ajax).
  • Simpler install (for themes with ajax).
  • New input types.
  • Form field validation:
    • Number (will only accept numbers).
    • Email (will only accept format and provide the proper keyboard for input on mobile devices).
    • Color (provides a color wheel or accepts Hex codes).
    • Date (formatted for dates).
    • Telephone (geared to mobile users to launch the phone keypad to take a phone number instead of the keyboard).
  • Faster load times for options to appear on site once creation/edits have been made.
  • More customizable (allows for easier customizations, great for devs, we also offer data to help).
  • A conditional logic trigger for textbox focus (Premium Only).
  • Have an option to auto-select a value.
  • Customizable placeholder text for drop-down boxes (ie. “please select option”).
  • New UI for app admin.
  • Swatches (Premium Only).
  • Quantity modes (allow you to do things like one-time charge either per product or order,  have an option offer a quantity of that option) (Premium Only).
  • Customizable required options error message.
  • Tooltip can now be set to visible, on hover or off.
  • Dynamic Price Changes  (Premium Only).

If you have questions on any of these features Email our Support Wizards.

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