Redemption Multiplier Feature

The redemption multiplier feature in Loyalty Points allows you to adjust the value of a product or collection so it costs more or less if it is being purchased with points.

To use the redemption multiplier feature, follow these steps:

  1. From “Shopify admin”, select Apps.
  2. Select Loyalty Points by Bold.
  3. Select Program Settings.
  4. Select Redemption Multipliers.
  5. Select New Redemption Rule.
  6. Enter a Rule Title.

    Note: Make sure you enter a descriptive title that will make it easier to find in the future.

  7. Enter a Redemption Multiplier.

    Note: If you enter 2 here, it will cost twice as many points as it would dollars to buy it.  If you enter 0.5, it will cost half the amount of points as it would dollars.

  8. Select Select Products.
  9. Select Add next to each product you would like the rule to apply to.
  10. Select Continue with Selected Products.
  11. Select Save.

That’s it!

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