Ajax Verification Process for Product Upsell 3.0

To check if your theme uses Ajax, follow these steps:

  1. Test Product Upsell 3.0.
  2. From the "Storefront", select the trigger product.

    Note: This is the product you have set up to trigger the Upsell Offer. Your URL should contain

  3. Select Add to Cart.
    • If you are not using an Ajax cart, you are now redirected to the cart page, your URL will read: and you do not need to continue with these steps.
    • If you are using an Ajax cart, some form of animation occurs, keeping you on the product page, your URL will still read:

      Note: Many Ajax cart animations will include a cart display showing the inventory in the cart itself. This cart display will often have a checkout button which allows the customer to bypass the actual cart page and go straight to the checkout page.

    •  If you are using an Ajax cart, continue with these steps:
  4. Select Checkout.

If the Upsell does trigger, Product Upsell 3.0 is set up properly and you don't need any further updates.

If the Upsell does not trigger, you will need a theme update, at this time please Request an Ajax Install.

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