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Product Options 2.0 allows you to use swatches with your options. Swatches provide your customers with the ability to visually select the colour of the product they wish to receive; instead of using a text-based menu.

Note: Swatches are included in the Premium version of Product Options. Visit Change Your Price Plan in Product Options to learn how to upgrade.

To set up swatches with your options, please follow these steps:

  1. Set up an option set (follow until Step 11).
  2. Under "Type", select Swatches (Multiple Choice).

    On the top-right dropdown menu, select Swatches (Multiple Choice)

  3. Enter a System Name.

    Note: System name is an internal name used by the app; it is not visible to your customers.

    On the bottom-left, enter in a system name - or internal name for your own reference (example: ladies clothing sizes)

  4. Enter Help Text.

    On the bottom-right, enter in help text that customers will see, telling them what to choose (example: choose a shirt size)

  5. Under "Values", enter your first Value Name (ie. Red).

    On the left-hand side, add as many values as you'd like until you're satisfied (example: Small, Medium, Large)

  6. Select the + symbol.

    To the immediate left of the value name, select the plus symbol

  7. Select Upload an Image or Pick Colours.

    Note: Choose "Pick Colours" to select from a colour wheel, or choose "Upload an image" to use an image under 2MB. If you are using images and not the colour wheel, you can skip to Step 14.

    Picture shows a pop-up menu with Upload an Image on the left side, and Pick Colours on the right side. Select Pick Colours on the right-hand side, to start

  8. Select Pick Colours again.

    On the new pop-up window, select the plus symbol (underneath Pick Colours) on the left side

  9. Select your Colour.

    Note: To change the palette to a different colour entirely, use the slider below the colour wheel. You can enter a HEX value instead if you prefer. You are also able to select multiple colours.

    A colour gradient will appear, and you can select from it or enter in a HEX colour code

  10. Select Done.

    Note: You may need to select Done twice, as the first selection actually closes the colour wheel.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Done

    1. Select the Selected checkbox if you want this option to be selected by default (optional).

      On the far-right side, beside the Value name, select the Selected checkbox if you want it selected by default

    2. Select Adjusts price if you would like that value to be a different price (optional).

      Right underneath the value colour and name, select the Adjusts price checkbox if you want to add an additional charge to the option

    3. Select Create a Charge to charge a different amount for this option and enter the dollar amount (optional).

      Underneath the Adjusts price checkbox, select Create a Charge; to the far-right of that, enter in a dollar amount charge

    4. Select Use an existing variant in your shop if you have a variant already set up for this option, and select Select Variant (optional).

      Note: This will take you through the product selector to choose an existing variant, just like in earlier steps, although you will only be able to select one option here.

      Underneath Create a Charge, select Use an existing variant in your shop

    5. Under "How do you want to handle quantities?", select one of the following (optional):
      • Option quantity matches product quantity,
      • Customer can choose option quantity,
      • Add one option item per product in the cart,
      • Add one option item for the entire cart; or
      • Add one option per line item.

      Note: Visit: What do the "How do you want to handle quantities" options mean? for a detailed explanation of these options.

      Underneath How do you want to handle quantities? select one of the five options from the drop-down

  11. If your "Value" has "Nested Values", enter them (ie. Yellow is available in Small, Medium, Large) (optional).

    Picture shows four vertical options with yellow swatches, named (from top to bottom) Yellow, Small, Medium, Large

  12. Enter a Value.

    Picture shows adding a value to the text box underneath the Large yellow swatch

  13. Select the + symbol.

    Directly to the left of the value name, select the plus symbol

  14. Select Upload an Image

    Note: Adding multiple swatch images can affect the load times of your product pages. We recommend uploading no more than 30 images to a given swatch.

    Picture shows a pop-up menu with Upload an Image on the left side, and Pick Colours on the right side. Select Upload an Image on the left-hand side

  15. Select the Upload Image Box.

    Select the Upload Image Box directly in the middle of the pop-up on the screen

  16. Use the File Manager to select your image.

    Note: Your image can be no more than 2MB.

    Picture shows a file manager on a computer, selecting a Blue image swatch to upload

  17. Select Open.

    Picture shows the file manager, indicating to press the Open button in the bottom-right corner, to the left of the Cancel button

  18. Select Done.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Done now that the image has been uploaded

  19. Repeat the preceding steps until you have entered all values.

    Picture shows additional colour values/swatches

  20. Select Save.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Save

  21. Select Save Option Set.

    In the bottom-right corner, select Save Option Set

Storefront Example:

The swatches will then display on your product pages similar to this:

Picture shows an example of four colour swatches being shown on a Shopify store for a t-shirt product

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