Use Bold Subscriptions in Single Product or Multiple Products Mode



Bold Subscriptions allows you define how your customers reach the checkout page when making a purchase. They can either go directly to the checkout with their selected product, or continue shopping after adding it to their cart.

Currently, there are 3 cart modes you can choose from. Our most popular are Multiple and Single Product cart mode. You can also use Bold Subscriptions in Recurring Cart mode.

Multiple Products

Our most popular mode, Multiple Products, allows customers to buy both one-time and recurring purchases in the same cart. With this method, the option to subscribe will show up on your product pages in the form of a widget. Customers choose their recurring interval length and add the subscription to their cart, alongside any other products already in their cart.

Single Product

Single Product mode is similar to Multiple Products with one exception: upon selecting "Complete Subscription", the customer will be taken directly to the checkout, without the chance to continue shopping; the cart page will not be involved. Customers can only check out with one product at a time. It is a popular method for stores with monthly subscription box models, or those with a smaller inventory available on subscription.

To use Bold Subscriptions in Single or Multiple Products mode, please follow these steps:

  1. From within your Bold Subscriptions app, Select SubscriptionsCart Mode.

    Select Subscriptions/Cart Mode

  2. Under "Select Your Recurring Style", select Single Product or Multiple Products.

    Select Your Recurring Style 

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