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These are the most common questions regarding the use of Bold Subscriptions' discount codes. Select the question to view the answer

Yes, we do determine a customer by their email address.

For Example: With an option like "Limit the number of times, each customer can use the discount code" limited to one. A customer using the same email address would not be able to reuse the code, but if that customer uses a different email address, they would be able to reuse the code.

Yes, and no. Shopify will create a one-time-use discount code, and mark it as used one time when a subscription order generates in Shopify with that code applied. If you already have a discount code in Shopify, with the same label, don't worry, it will not override it. This logic will only apply if the discount code is not already created in Shopify. Shopify will not allow an order of any kind to be produced (with a discount code applied) without logging the discount code in their database, which is why this occurs. 

No, it can't be edited. If you have created this discount code in error, you would have to delete and recreate it.

No, every time you create a discount code it has a unique ID that is attached to it. If you delete a code called FREESTUFF and recreate a new code called FREESTUFF, our system will treat it as a new code.

No, we only offer minimum order specifications.

For Example: only apply the discount code if the order is above $XX.

No, you can't import discount codes into the app, but you can export the bulk discount codes generated by Bold Subscriptions for use with offers like Groupon.

You can make anywhere from 1-5000 in each bulk discount code group.

This discount code will not be usable by customers purchasing from your store, in our checkout. It does not remove the code from any existing subscriptions that may have it applied.

This discount code will not be usable in our checkout and will be deleted permanently from the app admin. It does not remove the code from any existing subscriptions that may have it applied.

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