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Because of our integration access to Shopify's Shipping API, we are only able to calculate and apply Shopify shipping rates prior to a subscription discount, or discount code is applied. This means we apply Shopify shipping rates to the order subtotal, not the discounted total.  We have worked with Shopify in the past on this issue, and this is a known limitation.

If you delete a Shopify shipping method that is currently attached to active subscriptions, the next cheapest applicable shipping rate will be chosen as an automatic replacement.

If the subscriptions checkout page isn't able to pull in Shopify shipping rates, make sure your store isn't password protected. If it is, you'll need to make it public. If your store is public and it still doesn't work, check your Shopify shipping settings to ensure that you have sufficient rates enabled.

If you add a brand new shipping rate, this rate will now be available for new subscribers, and it will also be offered as an option when changes have been made to an existing subscription. It will not automatically apply to any existing subscriptions if another applicable rate is already attached.

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