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These are the most common questions regarding customer management. Select the question to view the answer.

If you have a customer interested in changing their subscription date, refer to Change Next Order Date for an Existing Customer to learn how.

When a customer places a recurring order they will be billed based on the date the order is placed and the frequency they select. For example, if a customer places an order on March 17 and chooses to receive their order monthly, they will be billed for their next order on April 17. They will continue to be charged on the 17th of every month until the order is canceled or changed.

Immediately after checking out with their subscriptions products.

For customers (who are signed in) that have an active subscription, they should see an "Add to Existing Subscription" button below or beside the "Add to Cart" button, which allows them to add a new item to their existing subscription.

If the button isn't showing up, visit Add to Existing Subscriptions Button isn't Showing for steps to correct the problem.

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