Dynamic Discounts FAQ

These are the most common questions regarding dynamic discounts. Select the question to view the answer.

No, not at this time, but we will be looking to add this in the near future. You can control your general cancellation settings for all subscribers with Cancellation Management in Recurring Orders.

There is no way to put an automatic transformation back in place once it is removed. It would have to be handled manually by the Shopify admin.

It will not count toward their order count. It will still only consider the orders they do not skip and are charged for.

No, they won't. The prices will be reflected correctly once they are charged for the product.

No, only the cost of the product with the initial discount will show in the Recurring Orders checkout and Shopify cart.

Customizations may have to be adjusted to incorporate the new initial and recurring discount text. We would advise testing this on a test product.

Yes, but it requires removing the automated discount transformation, so the discount change will no longer occur automatically. In other words, you're removing the automatic transformation and defaulting it to a regular subscription with a single discounted price.

Yes, almost all wording can be adjusted in the Recurring Orders app in Language Settings. Visit Configure Language Settings for instructions.

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