Prepaid and Gift Subscription FAQ


These are the most common prepaid and gift subscription questions. Select the question to view the answer.

Yes, you can Generate Bold Subscriptions Reports using a prepaid specific export in CSV format. This can be great for emailing your expired prepaid subscribers and providing them with unique promotional content.

No, not at this time.

BUT, we have a fantastic app called Product Options that can be paired with Bold Subscriptions to leave unique gift information fields on your gifted product. These fields would then display when the order generates in Shopify.

We associate a Shopify account based on the email entered during checkout. Typically, the subscription would be under the Shopify account of the person who purchased the item.

Yes, when you have the Product Swap Feature in Bold Subscriptions feature enabled. When a customer swaps for a more expensive product, they will be billed for the difference immediately through a Shopify order. If they swap to a lower priced item, they will not be refunded back any difference.

No, prepaid and gift subscription behave like our "Single Product Style", and will always skip the Shopify cart and go straight to the subscriptions checkout with only one product in tow.

No, our subscriptions checkout can't accept Shopify gift cards.

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