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These are the most common questions regarding refunds. Select the question to view the answer.

If you have incorrectly refunded a subscription order, you should contact Shopify Support before attempting the refund again correctly through Bold Subscriptions.

If you're using Shopify Payments or Stripe with Shopify for one-time payments and Stripe with Subscriptions; there is a chance that money may have already been withdrawn and refunded to the customer. This issue is rare and hasn't been reported recently.

If you use an entirely different payment gateway with Shopify than you do with Subscriptions, the money most likely would not have been withdrawn, though the refund may display as being refunded. As Shopify's internal processes can change at any time, we suggest contacting Shopify support about any refund you think was refunded incorrectly through Shopify.

Once you've received word from Shopify you can choose to refund the order properly through our Subscriptions app or refund it manually from your payment gateway dashboard.

There is a chance the order may display as being refunded twice if you attempt to process the refund a second time through our app. We may recommend doing these refunds manually from inside your payment gateway dashboard for reporting accuracy. This solution is a temporary fix for refunds processed incorrectly, and would not be a long-term process to continue.

Moving forward all refunds for imported subscription orders should be processed through our application, and no Shopify refund processes should be initiated.

You should refund the order through Bold Subscriptions first, and then cancel the order in Shopify. If you cancel the order through Shopify first, it will attempt to refund the order through Shopify's connected payment gateway.

Refunding the order through Subscriptions will not return the item to your inventory. If you would like to return the item to your inventory, process the refund through Subscriptions first and then manually add it back to your inventory count in Shopify.

Subscriptions has an email template that can be triggered when you process a refund to a subscription order through the app.

Visit Bold Subscriptions Email Notifications to view, edit, enable and disable this email.

  • Stripe Refunds - You will receive all fees back; ours and Stripe’s fees as well.
  • BrainTree - You will get your transaction fees back from BrainTree. We will deduct our fee from your commission owed when charging your credit card attached to Subscriptions.
  • All other payment gateways - We will deduct the fee from your commission owed when charging your credit card attached to Subscriptions. You will need to contact your selected payment gateway to find out what their policy is for refunding transaction fees.

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