Fixed Weekly and Monthly Order Intervals Setup


Bold Subscriptions offers fixed weekly and monthly order intervals so you can do all shipping on a specific day of the week or month if you wish. The initial order will always process immediately, but each subscription order can take place on a specific day.

To set up fixed weekly and monthly order intervals now, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

  3. Select Subscriptions, then My Subscriptions.

    Select Subscriptions/My Subscriptions

  4. Select the ellipsis next to the subscription you would like to change.


  5. Select Edit Subscription.

    Edit Subscription

  6. Under "Step 3: Select Intervals", select the Set a fixed order interval radio button.

    Select Set A Fixed Interval

  7. Under "Orders will process every", enter a number.

    Enter Order Interval Number

  8. Select Week(s) or Month(s).

    Select Order Interval

  9. Select:
    • On purchase date each month (or week); or
    • Charge all customers on the same day(s) every month (or week).
      1. Select which Day.

        Note: For weekly frequencies, if you select more than one day, the customer will be able to choose between them.

      2. Select the number of Buffer Days.

        Note: Buffer days are used to prevent a customer from being double-billed if they sign up close to your fixed billing date. Visit How Buffer Days work with Bold Subscriptions for more information.

    Select When To Charge

  10. Select Save.

    Note: Making this change will only affect new subscribers.


That's it!

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