Prepaid and Gift Subscriptions Setup


Bold Subscriptions provides a way for your subscribers to prepay for orders. These orders are still generated in Shopify for you to fulfill and ship, the only difference is they are prepaid.

Note: For more detailed information about this feature, visit Prepaid and Gift Subscriptions in Bold Subscriptions.

To set up your prepaid and gift subscription options, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold.

    Select Recurring Orders & Subscriptions by Bold

  3. Select Subscriptions, then My Subscriptions.

    Select Subscriptions/My Subscriptions

  4. Select the ellipsis next to the subscription group you would like to make a Prepaid or Gift Subscription.

    Note: If you have not set up a subscription yet, Create a Standard Subscription.

    Select Actions

  5. Select Edit Subscription.

    Sekect Edit Subscription

  6. Scroll down to Maximum Subscription Length.

    Maximum Subscription Length

  7. Select Set max numbers of recurring orders to.

    Set Max Number of Recurring Orders To

  8. Select Allow customers to prepay for subscriptions.

    Allow Customers to Prepay For Subscriptions

  9. Enter a Number of orders you would like to offer for prepayment.

    Number of Orders

  10. Enter a % Off (optional) incentive for prepaying.

    Percent Off

  11. Select Add another prepaid option if you would like to offer another option.

    Add Another Prepaid Option

  12. Repeat Steps 8 - 11 for all the prepayment options you would like to offer.

    Repeat Steps 8-10

  13. Under "After subscription ends", select Continue Charging or Expire.

    Note: Choosing to continue charging will extend the subscription after the prepaid time has lapsed. Choosing to expire will automatically end the subscription after the prepaid times has lapsed. Gift subscriptions will automatically expire regardless of what you choose here.

    After Subscription Ends

  14. Select the Allow gift subscriptions? checkbox.

    Allow Gift Subscriptions

  15. Under "Minimal Fulfilled Order Requirement", select:
    • Off; or
    • Customer can cancel after at least XX orders.
      • Enter a number.

    Minimal Fulfilled Order Requirement

  16. Select Save.

    Select Save

That's it!

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