Create Rounding Rules for a Currency



The rounding rules are only compatible with Bold Cashier's checkout. Product prices will revert to their original price with any other checkout.

Multi-Currency offers you the ability to set rules that will round your customer's prices up or down; depending on the rules that are set.

To create rounding rules for a currency in Multi-Currency, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select Apps

  2. Select Multi-Currency.

    Select Multi Currency

  3. Under "Currencies", select the Gear Icon next to the currency you would like to add rounding rules.

    select settings

  4. Under "Rounding rules", select Add a new rule.

    Add a New Rule

  5. Under "Prices that end between" enter a Starting Amount.

    Starting Amount

  6. Enter an Ending Amount.

    Ending Amount

  7. Under "should end with", enter a Dollar Amount (i.e. 0.99).

    Dollar Amount

  8. Select Save Rule.

    Save Rule

That's it!

Note: To test your rounding rule, enter an amount under "Sample Price" in the "Want to test your rules?" box and select Test it!

Sample Price

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