View and Create Insight Offers in Bold Brain

Bold Brain integrates with our Bold Upsell, and Bold Bundles apps to provide you with offers that it believes will perform well on your site.


Bold Brain is no longer available for new installations. If you currently have Bold Brain installed on your store, it will continue to function as expected.




  1. From the Shopify admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Bold Brain.
  3. Select Insights.

    From the side navigation bar, select Insights

  4. The app's offer suggestions are listed here.

    Picture shows a merchant's store with multiple insight offers, a mixture of Bundle and Subscription offers

  5. Hover over your desired offer and select Take Action.

    Picture shows a blue Take Action button on top of a product photo (insight suggestion)

  6. This screen allows you to see more information about why Brain believes the offer will work well on the site.

    Note: You're able to create this offer in the bottom right corner of this screen. If you have the associated app installed, the button will read "Take Action".

    Picture shows a pop-up window with information regarding the product's price, average purchase price, cost of goods sold, and average profit, including how many people purchased the product, and a breakdown of how many times customers have ordered (once, twice, or three plus times)

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