How does Bold Brain work?


Bold Brain matches products from your store that are frequently purchased together and suggests product offers based on real-time data collected from your customers. All you need to do is select "take action" and the offer will be up and running in your store.

Don't like the recommendation? Brain will generate another custom pairing for you to approve.

Once set up, we'll analyze your sales and track the revenue created by its suggestions, showing you an instant return on investment (ROI).

What's critical to the success of Brain is the ability to stay ahead of the curve: recommending offers your customers want, rather than making guesses and seeing if they'll pan out.

The Brain will:

  • Learn how your customers like to shop in your store.
  • Match products to offer together, or as subscriptions, based on sales data collected from your customers.
  • Track which offers are converting the best over time.
  • Give you real-time ROI.

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