Recurring Orders - Version 2.2 - Release Notes - June 10 - 2017

Recurring Orders Version 2.2 was launched on June 10, 2017. The changes are outlined here.

User Activity Notifications

Recurring Orders has a new email feature that sends automatic notifications to the merchant when a user triggers a certain type of activity. You choose which activities you would like to be notified about and Recurring Orders will email you every time this action is completed.

Select Account Activities

A separate email is sent for each action taken which contains customer name, email address and what action was taken. The emails will be sent to the email address stored under "Bold Notifications Email". 

These events can be triggered by the merchant, but in most cases will be triggered by subscribers making changes in the "Manage Subscription" area.  

This new feature is found in Recurring Orders under Settings -> Emails

Visit Enable User Activity Notification Emails for detailed setup instructions.

Remove a discount code from a single subscription

You can remove an applied discount code from a single subscription. This will be useful for merchants if a discount code has been applied or created incorrectly, or for customer service issues. 

Removing the discount code means the discount code will no longer apply to their upcoming recurring orders.

Select Remove existing Discount Code

This new functionality can be found while editing a customer's subscription, under the Discount Codes option. 

Visit Remove a Discount Code from a Subscription for detailed setup instructions.

Order tag applied to Build A Box recurring orders

Recurring Orders will automatically tag any recurring order using the Build a Box feature, with the order tag "build-a-box".

This will allow you to easily export just your Build a Box recurring orders in Shopify.

Build a Box

Use Dynamic Discounting with Product Swap

If you choose to enable Product Swap within a subscription group that is utilizing our Dynamic Discount feature, you can now choose whether to apply the initial discount or the recurring discount when they swap their product. 

Swapping a product can only occur once their automatic transformation has occurred, once their existing subscription product is on the recurring discount rate.

If you choose to select the "Apply recurring discount when swapping products" box, when a customer swaps their existing product for a new product in the same subscription group, the new product will be inserted with the recurring discount product price applied. If you leave it deselected, it will apply the initial discount instead. 

This option will only display when product swap and dynamic discount are both chosen during the configuration process of the subscription group.

Recurring Discount for Product Swap

Add New Products to an Existing Subscription

When using our "Add Products" action when editing a customer's subscription, Recurring Orders will display the existing "Shopify Price", and automatically insert the appropriate discounted product price, referencing the % off discount applied to the product's current subscription group.

You are still able to easily change the value under the "Price" column before adding the product to the subscription, just in case, the suggested price is not what you need.

Adding Products

For example, if the product you are adding into the customer's subscription is currently in a subscription group with a 10% off subscription discount, the"Price" suggested will automatically be the 10% off price. You can still adjust it manually to something different if needed.

Visit Add Products to an Existing Subscription for detailed setup instructions.

Improvements to weekly subscription frequencies when you charge all customers on the same day(s) every week

You can allow your customers to choose from multiple weekly order frequencies (weekly, biweekly, every 3 weeks) and still chose to charge all subscribers on the same day(s) every week.

order frequencies

Previously stores had to use multiple variants under a single product, or multiple products to achieve this sort of subscription model, so we know this will make things a lot easier for some merchants.

Visit Order Intervals in Recurring Orders for detailed setup instructions.

Update the shipping method on a specific upcoming order

You can adjust the shipping rate attached to a specific upcoming order, and leave all other scheduled recurring orders at the current shipping rate.

shipping rates

This will be useful if a subscriber would like to pay express rate shipping to get an order faster or change the style of attached delivery rate.

  • Previously when attempting a refund, if the transaction was in the middle of a dispute or chargeback Recurring Orders would display a white screen. Now it will explain the issue briefly within the application, and reference the chargeback/dispute transaction ID if applicable.
  • You can set the buffer days value to zero if needed when offering fixed subscriptions that recur on a specific day of the week or month.
  • We added increased image optimization for Build a Box selection pages, where product images are displayed.
  • Improvements were made to our liquid code and install process for stores using recurring cart style with Recurring Orders.
  • We have now added a risk factor warning in Shopify if a recurring order is generated with a subscription group discount rate applied to a subscription product it should not have been applied to. This will only affect initial orders placed through the checkout and will be an extreme edge case scenario.
  • We did a full audit of our Google Analytics integration, which helped to prevent events from rendering twice in the Google Analytics dashboard for some merchants.
  • We improved theBrainTree error message for when a subscriber may accidentally try to place an order without entering their credit card.
  • There is now a setting found under Settings -> General that will allow a merchant to turn off the Shopify Order ID note Recurring Orders attaches to prepaid orders (referencing the initial prepaid order ID) as they were showing up on shipping slips and invoices. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Open a ticket with our team, and we'll be happy to help.

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