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Customer pricing tags allow you to control which of your customers will receive your wholesale discounts. 

You're able to name the tag, set a discount percentage, and decide how taxes are charged. You can also create multiple tags to apply to different customer "tiers" and offer separate pricing discounts for certain groups of customers.

You can then apply these tags to specific customer accounts to provide them with their pricing discounts.

To create a customer pricing tag in Custom Pricing, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.

    Select the Apps option on the left side of your Shopify admin

  2. Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks).

    Select Bold Custom Pricing (Wholesale & Quantity Breaks) from your list of apps

  3. Select Manage Tags.

    Select Manage Tags from the left side of your Custom Pricing admin

  4. Enter a Tag.

    Enter a tag name in the blank box underneath the Tag column

  5. Enter a Description.

    Enter a description for your tag in the blank box to the right of the tag name

  6. Select to Charge Tax

    Note: You're able to select whether or not taxes are charged to these customers. You can also use the product's default settings.

    Select the box underneath the Charge Tax column and choose No or Product Default

  7. Enter a Default Discount (%).

    Note: Toggle the "Apply Storewide" switch to make this tag the default discount amount.

    Enter a discount percentage underneath the Default Discount column

  8. Select Add New Tag.

    Select Add New Tag on the right side of the screen

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