Create Product Groups

To create product groups, follow these steps:

Note: If you haven't created a tag yet, visit Create a Customer Pricing Tag for detailed setup instructions.

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing).

    Select Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing) 

  3. Select Customer Pricing.

    Select Customer Pricing 

  4. Select Product Pricing Groups.

    select product pricing groups 

  5. Select Create Product Pricing Group.

    select create product pricing group 

  6. Enter an Internal Name.

    Enter an Internal Name 

  7. Under "Calculation Type", select:
    • Set Fixed Price,
    • Percent Discount; or
    • Price Discount.

    Note: Calculation Type and Price Level will default to what you selected in the previous steps.

    Select a Calculation Type 

  8. Select the "Group Status" toggle (optional).

    Note: ON (Green) means that your group will be automatically enabled when you create it. OFF (Red) means you will have to manually enable it for it to work.

    Select the Group Status Toggle 

  9. Under "Step 2 - Configure Price Levels", make changes as needed (optional).

    Note: Selecting a tag will disable it and it will display as greyed out in the app.

     make changes if needed 

  10. Select Override Cents if desired (optional).
    • If selected, enter a cent amount (i.e. 99).

    override cents 

  11. Under "Step 3 - Select Products", select:

    Note: The steps will vary slightly depending on which option you select.

    • Select Products,
      1. Select Add by each product you would like to add.
      2. Select Continue with selected products.

      select products 

    • Select All Products,
      1. Select Yes to confirm.

       select all products

    • Select by Vendor,
      1. Select each vendor you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Vendors.

      select vendors 

    • Select by Collections; or
      1. Select each collection you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Collections.

      select collections 

    • Select by Type.
      1. Select each type you would like to add.
      2. Select Select Types.

      select types 

  12. Select Create.

    select create 

That's it!

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