Set up a Quantity Breaks Group

To set up a Quantity Breaks Group, please follow these steps:

  1. From Shopify's admin, select Apps.
  2. Select Quantity Breaks.

    Select the Quantity Breaks app

  3. Select Quantity Breaks again.

    select quantity breaks

  4. Select Create Quantity Break.

    Create Quantity Break

  5. Enter an Internal Name.

    enter an internal name

  6. Select a Discount Type.
    • Fixed Price - Sets all selected products to a specific price.
    • Percent Discount - Discounts all selected products by the specified percentage.
    • Price Discount - Reduced all selected products by the specific number entered.

    select a discount type

  7. Under "Apply Quantity Break", select an option:
    • Apply Quantity Break per Variant (Discount applies per individual item) - Quantity break will apply to specific variants (ie. Buy 5 of the same large red shirt to get a price break).
    • Apply Quantity Break across Group (Mix and match products for discount) - Quantity break will apply to a group of variants (ie. Buy any 5 shirts (any size, any colour) to receive price break).
    • Apply Quantity Break across all Groups - Quantity Breaks will apply to all groups. Buy 5 products of group A and 5 products of group B and get the quantity break at 10 products with the price created in group B.

    select an apply quantity break option

  8. Under "Step 2 - Configure Price Levels", enter Quantity.

    Note: This is the quantity required to receive the discount.


  9. Enter Value (percent off per item).


  10. Select Add to add more price levels and repeat steps 8 - 10.


  11. Under "Step 3 - Select Products", select Select Products.

    select select products

  12. Select ADD next to the product(s) the discount will apply to.

    select add

  13. Select Continue with selected products.

    select continue with selected products

  14. Under "Step 4 - Configure Display", select how you would like the price grid to display.

    select the price grid display method

  15. Select Create.

    select create

That's it!

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