Create a Collection for Product Discount Using a Product Tag

To create a collection using a Product Tag to use with Product Discount, follow these steps.

  1. Select Products.

    select products

  2. Select Collections.

    Select Collections

  3. Select Create collection.

    Select Create dollection

  4. Enter a Title.

    Enter a title

  5. Enter a Description.

    enter a description

  6. Under "Conditions", select Product tag in the first drop-down box.

    select product tag

  7. Leave is equal to in the second drop-down box.

    select is equal to

  8. Enter the Code created in Step 1 in the third box.

    enter the code from step 1

  9. Select Manage next to "Sales channels".

    select Manage

  10. Select Online Store to deselect it.

    Select Online Store

  11. Select Done.

    Select Done

  12. Select Save collection.

    Select Save Collection

That's it!

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