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Bold Bundles is a robust eCommerce app that gives you the ability to offer discounts on groups of items, that must be purchased together, to receive the discounted price.

You can offer your discounts across specific items or collections of products. You're also able to create Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers that will provide your customers will additional free products for purchasing all of the full-priced items.

Note: The latest version of Bundles is not currently compatible with specific Bold apps. Please visit Discount Methods in Bold Bundles for more information.

To set-up Bundles, please follow these steps:

Bundles has 2 different price plans that offer additional features if you're on the Premium plan.

The Basic price tier allows you to:

  • Create bundle groups using specific products or collections
  • View your groups' performance using the app's stats tracking
  • Let your customers add a group to their cart with a single button selection

The Premium plan includes all of the features mentioned above, along with:

  • Get X/Get Y bundle types
  • The ability to have the same product in multiple bundles
  • The Combo Products feature
  • Quantity badges for multi-quantity bundle groups

Visit Change Your Price Plan in Bold Bundles for more information on how to upgrade your plan tier.

Bundles has a significant coding installation that is required for the app to function correctly. This is done to properly display your bundle groups on the storefront, and add the products to their carts with the right prices.

The app requires adjustments to several files along with the addition of a few coding snippets.

Note: If you change themes while using Discounts, the app's code must be re-installed onto your new theme.

Visit Bold Bundles Code Install Instructions for more information on how to place the app's coding into your theme files.

If you're not comfortable with Liquid coding, please contact our Merchant Success team and we'll be glad to assist further.

Bundles offers 3 different methods for applying its discounts to your bundle groups:

  • Variant Dependant Method
  • Draft Orders Method
  • Accelerated Method

Each method offers various benefits and limitations based on their functionalities. You can decide which one will work best for your business.

Note: By default, the Accelerated method is supplied on new installs of Bundles; unless your site has one of the conflicting apps mentioned below installed. Bundles will then enable the Draft Orders method on your site.

Visit Discount Methods in Bold Bundles for more information on each of the discount methods.

Visit Switch Discount Methods in Bold Bundles to learn how to switch methods.

There are a few different ways that Bundles allows you to create its groups on your site:

  • Setting up groups of specific products that must be purchased together for your customers to receive a discount
  • Creating groups using collections of products where any item from each of the collections can be purchased together at a discounted rate
  • Building Buy X Get Y (BOGO) offer types where customers can purchase the X products to receive the Y items for free

Visit Create a Bundle Using Groups for more information on how to set up product specific bundle discounts.

Visit Create a Bundle Using Mix & Match to learn more about how to create bundle groups using collections.

Visit Create a Bundle Using Buy/Get - BOGO for more information on how to create BOGO-style offers.

Bundles provides you with the flexibility to customize the app's display on your storefront.

This allows you to better match the design/colours of the app's bundle widget with your site's current styling.

Visit Customize Bold Bundles Display to learn how to style the bundles widget.

Visit Change the Mobile Appearance of Bold Bundles to learn how to style the bundles widget for mobile screens.

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