Review Emails in Marketplace

Follow these steps to review your email settings:

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Marketplace by Bold.

    select Marketplace by Bold 

  3. The "Marketplace Setup Progress" bar appears select Review Emails.

    select review emails 

  4. Ensure From Email is correct, adjust if needed.

    ensure from email is correct 

  5. Ensure From Name is correct, adjust if needed.

    ensure from name is correct 

  6. Ensure Incoming Notifications Email is correct, adjust if needed.

    ensure incoming notifications email is correct 

  7. Select Edit next to each email to review its contents.

    Note: You can customize any of the emails on the edit screen, ensure to select Save after the changes are done.

    select edit 

  8. Select No next to each email to enable it.

    Note: No will be displayed in the enabled field if the email is not enabled, Yes will be displayed if it is enabled. All emails are enabled by default.

    select no 

  9. Select Save.

    select save

  10. Select Test (eye icon) to test the email.

    select test 

That's it!

Next Steps: