Reorder Registration Fields in Bold Memberships

Bold Memberships allows you to add registration fields to your membership plans. If you'd like to collect additional information from your customers when they sign up, you can use these registration fields to do so.


By default, the registration fields for a customer's First Name, Last Name, and Email Address are already included. These cannot be reordered.




  1. From within Bold Memberships, select Plans.
  2. Select Settings (the gear icon) next to the plan.

    Bold Memberships Settings

  3. Select Edit.

    Recurring Memberships Edit

  4. Select the Up / Down arrows next to each field to adjust the order.

    In the Step 3 section, select the up and down arrows to the very left of the registration field names to move them up or down and change the order they are displayed (from top to bottom)

    Note: Please visit Step 18 within Create a Membership Plan in Bold Memberships for more information on creating registration fields.

  5. Select Save.
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