Marketplace Setup Wizard Instructions


Follow these steps to get through the setup wizard:

  1. Select Next.

    select next 

  2. Enter a Name for Sending Emails.

    Name for Sending Emails 

  3. Select a Measurement System.

    Measurement System 

  4. Enter a Global Commission Amount.

    Global Commission Amount 

  5. Select a Global Commission Unit.

    Global Commission Unit 

  6. Select a Shipping Method.

    Shipping Method 

  7. Select Next.

    select next 

  8. Select Use Text Header or Use Banner Image.

    Use Text Header 

  9. Enter a Header.

    enter a header 

  10. Enter a Subheader.

    enter a subheader 

  11. Select Choose File to upload a store logo or banner (optional).

    Note: If you choose this option you will see the file selector. Navigate to the image, select it and select Open to upload the file.

    select choose file

  12. Select Auto Approve New Merchants or Manually Approve New Merchants.

    select an option 

  13. Select Auto Approve New Products or Manually Approve New Products.

    select an option 

  14. Select Allow Approved Product Editing or Disallow Approved Product Editing.

    select an option 

  15. Select Next.

    select next 

  16. Select Simple or Full HTML editing tools.

    select an option 

  17. Enter a Number next to "Maximum Categories Per Product".

    enter a number 

  18. Enter a Number next to "Min".

    enter a number 

  19. Enter a Number next to "Max".

    enter a number 

  20. Select Next.

    select next 

  21. Select Finish.

     select finish

  22. Enter your Email, Password and select Log in

    Note: You should be presented with a white login screen for PayPal if not, select the back button on your browser and select finish again, repeat this process until you get the white screen as shown.

    log in 

  23. Select Grant Permission.

    select grant permission

That's it!

Next Steps:

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