Create a New Product Builder Page

To create a new Product Builder Page, follow these steps:

Note: All images within these steps must be 85 x 85 pixels.

  1. From "Shopify Admin", select Apps.

    Select Apps 

  2. Select Product Builder.

    select product builder 

  3. Select Create New.

    create new 

  4. Enter a Product Name.

    product name 

  5. Edit the Product Handle (optional).

    product handle 

  6. Select a Default Theme.

    default theme 

  7. Select Create.


  8. Select Edit Steps.

    edit themeg 

  9. Select Create Option Select Step.

    Create Option Select Step 

  10. Enter a Step Name.

    Step Name 

  11. Select Upload Image.

    Note: Here you will use the file manager in your Operating System to navigate to and upload the file.

    Upload Image 

  12. Enter a Step Description Title.

    Step Description Title 

  13. Enter a Step Description.

    Step Description 

  14. Select Options desired (optional).
    • Check this box if you would like to provide more information about this step - Presents a tooltip with more information about the step.
    • Check this box if this step is required before the user can add the product to cart - Makes this option required.
    • Check this box if this step will change the displayed product image - Changes the image for each option selected.
    • Check this box if you want to allow the customer to select multiple options in this step - Customers can select multiple options, not just one.

    select options 

  15. Under "Add an Option" complete all fields for Option One.

    Note: If you link to a variant here (optional) you can add a price to an option within a step.

    enter option info 

  16. Select Add Option and repeat step 15 and 16 for each option for this "Step".

    select add option 

  17. Select Save.

    select save 

  18. Repeat steps 9 - 17 until all steps are added.

    repeat steps 9-17 

  19. Select Create Confirmation Step.

    create confirmation step 

  20. Enter Confirmation Step Details.

    confirmation step details 

  21. Select Create.

    select create 

That's it!

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